Who is Simpico made for?

We have developed Simpico mainly for these 3 groups of people
But other people can use it to :)


Developing a new app and looking for some icons? Use Simpico to find some


Working on a new website or mockup for your projects? Simpico helps you find the right icons

Creative people

You are working on something creative? Use Simpico to find the right icons to use

Searching Icons

Simpico bundles many of the popular icon websites into one single application. This allows you to find the right icon for your projects quickly and download them right away.

Better overview

With Simpico you no longer have to worry about multiple browser tabs. All available icon sources are displayed inside one single list allowing you to directly select where you want to get your icons from.

More Productivity

Using Simpico you don't need to open up your browser and type in the name of the icon website you want to visit. Just open up the Simpico app and get going right away

Get started now

Go ahead and download the current version of Simpico

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